Go Far! Vote For Garr!

District 52 House of Representatives (Dem)

Hello, I'm Garr Smith and I have lived in Utah my entire life. I was born and raised in Taylorsville attending Taylorsville High School, Salt Lake Community College and The University of Utah. My family now resides in Daybreak, and we love it!

2016 will be a historical election year and I'm very proud to be part of it. It is up to all of us to get the voters out on election day. I am a resident of District 52 and with your vote this November I'm hoping to become your State House Representative.

I have a proven business record for the last 15 years and currently employ over 200 people in Utah. I am the CFO, Chairman of the Board, and part owner of RANLife Home Loans and RANLife Real Estate, Inc. We have also opened RANLife Solar, Inc., in 2015, to help meet the clean energy demands of Utah residents. We have plans under way to build Utah's first solar community and are extremely excited about bringing clean energy solutions to Utah.

I want to restore common sense thinking and bring my problem solving talents to Utah's legislature. I believe I can help bring checks and balances to Utah's overwhelming unbalanced State House of Representatives. Issues that are important to me are clean air, better education for our children, and our personal rights to be protected whether that is your right to love, right to religious freedom or your right to bear arms.

As a Utah business owner I have always put people before profit. I am fiscally conservative and believe that both democrats and republicans are essential for prioritizing our massive budget. I believe a balanced government working on behalf of its people can help, not hurt. The missing ingredient in Utah is that we need more Democrats to balance Utah's super-party.

The bottom line is that we could be using your money more wisely and that’s why I’m running for this office.

My site is updating regulary, please fill out my contact page with any questions or inquiries into my 2016 campaign.

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